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Calgary Upholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage Sofa

Here at Mr. Mansfield Vintage, we have all your upholstery needs covered!

Calgary Upholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage, we work with a family run business that has over 40 years of experience! Without a doubt, we have the best upholsterer in the city of Calgary lined up to take professional care of all your vintage or modern furniture needs!
Let us introduce you to,  Humming Fox Upholstery! 

They offer: 

- Free estimate and professional consultation.

- Large selection of fabric choices.

- Foam repair and replacement.

- Webbing/spring repair and replacement. (Calgary Reupholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage)

Specializing in vintage furniture designed by the following mid century modern Danish, Scandinavian, Canadian, British and American icons. R Huber Scoop chairs and sofas. Hans Weger, Adrian Pearsall, France and Son, Kai Kristiansen, Eames, Greta Jalk, G-Plan and the list goes on. Humming Fox Upholstery is your ultimate destination for top-notch furniture care in Calgary. boasting a 40-year-old family-run business legacy. Calgary Upholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage, their expertise and dedication stand unmatched in the city. 

Firstly, Humming Fox Upholstery sets the benchmark with a complimentary estimation service and professional consultations. This ensures that every aspect of your furniture restoration or revamping is meticulously planned and executed. Moreover, their expansive collection of fabric choices caters to diverse tastes and preferences, guaranteeing that your furniture gets the perfect makeover it deserves. Whether it's a vintage piece or a modern favorite. They have the ideal fabric waiting.

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Notably, their specialization in vintage furniture, especially those designed by iconic mid-century modern figures like R. Huber Scoop chairs and sofas, Hans Wegner, Adrian Pearsall, France and Son, Kai Kristiansen, Eames, Greta Jalk, and G-Plan. Calgary Reupholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage reflects their profound understanding and expertise in handling valuable and cherished pieces.

Furthermore, Humming Fox Upholstery's proficiency extends beyond just fabric. They excel in foam repair and replacement, ensuring that your furniture retains its comfort and charm. Additionally, Calgary Upholstery Mr. Mansfield Vintage skill in webbing/spring repair and replacement guarantees structural integrity. Preserving the original essence of your beloved furniture pieces.

In essence, Humming Fox Upholstery is more than a service; it's a promise of excellence, reliability, and a deep-seated passion for furniture care that goes beyond expectations.

Need something upholstered? Contact Humming Fox Upholstery!

Call: 825-558-3698


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