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Mr. Mansfield Vintage

Kai Kristiansen Chest of Drawers Refinished
Primary Furniture Refinishing is owned and operated by Graham, he offers a variety of finish types to rejuvenate your piece and bring your living space to life.​ Take advantage of what he professionally has to offer and say goodbye to water rings, heat damage and nasty stains.
  • No-VOC, low-VOC, food safe and environmentally conscious finishes
  • Oil, shellac, urethane, nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed lacquer, and conversion varnish
  • Colour matching
  • Custom stains
  • Custom pigmented top coats​​


Graham at Primary Refinishing also offers, spot, re-gluing, splits, breaks, dent and crack repairs
  • Re-gluing and re-dowelling
  • Veneer patching and replacement
  • Laminate replacement
  • Spot repair and in-painting
Just need some shine or maintenance? They do that too!
  • Re-oiling
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Top coat touch ups

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Call: 403-700-7657


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