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Kai Kristiansen Chest of Drawers Primary Refinished

Calgary Primary Furniture Refinishing

Calgary Primary Furniture Refinishing is owned and operated by Graham. So, he offers a variety of finish types to rejuvenate your piece and bring your living space to life. Meanwhile,​ take advantage of what he professionally has to offer and say goodbye to water rings, heat damage and nasty stains.

  • No-VOC, low-VOC, food safe and environmentally conscious finishes
  • Oil, shellac, urethane, nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed lacquer, and conversion varnish
  • Colour matching
  • Custom stains
  • Custom pigmented top coats​​


Graham at Calgary Primary Furniture Refinishing also offers, spot, re-gluing, splits, breaks, dent and crack repairs
  • Re-gluing and re-dowelling
  • Veneer patching and replacement
  • Laminate replacement
  • Spot repair and in-painting
When just need some shine or maintenance? They do that too!
  • Re-oiling
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Top coat touch ups

Therefore, Call or email Graham for a quote!

Speacially, Graham the proprietor of Primary Furniture Refinishing, brings a wealth of expertise to breathe new life into your cherished pieces and invigorate your living spaces. Specializing in a diverse range of finish types, Graham's craftsmanship bids farewell to water rings, heat damage, and unsightly stains.

Experience a professional touch with an array of environmentally friendly finishes such as No-VOC, low-VOC, and food-safe options. From oil to shellac, urethane to nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed lacquer to conversion varnish, Besides Graham offers a comprehensive selection to suit your preferences.

Calgary Primary Furniture Refinishing Services

So, Tailoring his services to your needs, Graham excels in color matching, custom stains, and pigmented top coats. But his expertise extends far beyond finishes. Therefore, he adeptly handles repairs encompassing re-gluing, splits, breaks, dents, and cracks. Veneer patching, laminate replacement, and spot repair are among his specialties.

Likewise, For those seeking routine maintenance. Graham provides services like re-oiling, cleaning, polishing, and top coat touch-ups to maintain the allure of your furniture.

To enlist Graham's expertise, simply reach out via call or email for a personalized quote. Nonetheless, with Primary Furniture Refinishing. Finally, your furniture finds a new lease on life under Graham's skilled hands.


Call: 403-700-7657


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