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Downsizing An Estate In Calgary

Downsizing An Estate

Downsizing an Estate In Calgary, an interesting story about sentimental connections to furniture.
So very often, customers come into our shop in Calgary and say things like OMG! My grandma had that or,  I remember growing up around that same sofa or... and the list goes on.
Awhile back, we bought a cool chair online from a family that was downsizing their estate so they could fit new furniture into their home. The father and son made the decision to sell the chair without consulting the daughter/sister!
We took the chair to the shop to get it ready to sell the next day.  However, later in the evening I got a call from a woman. She told me that when she got home from work she realized that the chair she had grown up with had been sold!
Devastated, she told me it had a great sentimental connection to that chair. that she had lots of family photos of her. Her brother and dad with that chair.
She asked if I would sell it back to her... 
Indeed I did. How could I say no.
When she came by the shop to pick it up. She showed me a photo of her Dad sitting in the chair wearing a lime green 1970s suit (lapels for days! LOL) and her, in her favorite blue dress smiling ear to ear!
We have helped Downsizing an Estate In Calgary, Edmonton and Lethbridge this is just one example of how people have strong memories associated with the items they grew up with or parents working hard for!
It was a good lesson for me to remember that when I go to an estate  to buy items, it’s not just a chair or vase that people are getting rid of...
Mr Mansfield Vintage.

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